Even The 'Game Of Thrones' Showrunners Won't Deny That Arya Theory

It makes sense.

The first rule about this Arya theory is actually that you don’t deny this Arya theory.

Earlier this year, The Huffington Post asked the band Of Monsters and Men ― which made a cameo on “Game of Thrones” ― about an Arya theory from Reddit. Posted by user catNamedStupidity, the theory states that Arya and the Waif were always the same person. Apparently now the “Game of Thrones” showrunners are into it, too, or at least they’re not denying the possibility.

(Yeah, it’s basically “Fight Club,” but the evidence is compelling.)

Besides the fact that the Waif seems to know everything about Arya (stuff no one would otherwise know), the theory would explain why nobody said anything when the Waif beat the snot out of a blind beggar girl in the streets. Not to mention how she suddenly disappears, leaving Arya swinging at nothing.

(Uh, so everyone’s cool with this?) 

At San Diego Comic-Con, “Game of Thrones” panel moderator Rob McElhenney asked the Waif, actor Faye Marsay, for her opinion. She seemed skeptical.

“It would’ve been really cool, but I think Arya is Arya, and that’s her journey, and I think the way it is now is the best way,” said Marsay.

The writers were more cryptic. Showrunners D.B. Weiss and David Benioff wouldn’t deny or confirm the theory. Instead, Weiss smiled and shrugged while Benioff raised his eyebrows but wouldn’t say anything. “Good answer,” said actor Liam Cunningham.

As with many theories, it might just be wishful thinking. (R.I.P., Cleganebowl.) Still, how do you explain the Waif just disappearing?

Can anyone explain this? You swinging at a bug? Or, like, what’s going on, bruh?



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