Another Boat Got Stuck

The Ever Forward is going nowhere fast after running aground in Chesapeake Bay.

A year after a massive container ship found itself wedged sideways in the Suez Canal, another ship ― operated by the same company ― has done the same in a different part of the world.

The Ever Forward, operated by Taiwan-based Evergreen Marine Corp., ran aground Sunday in Chesapeake Bay as it traveled from the Port of Baltimore to Norfolk, Virginia.

William P. Doyle, the executive director of the Maryland Port Administration, said a salvage team, Naval architects and divers boarded the ship Monday and Tuesday to evaluate the vessel’s condition, and “are working to determine the best course of action to free the ship.”

There have been no injuries or pollution-related spills, Doyle said, and Ever Forward is not obstructing any other maritime traffic

Coast Guard Petty Officer 3rd Class Breanna Centeno told the Associated Press it’s not clear what caused the ship to run aground.

Ever Forward’s entanglement echoes the experience of Evergiven, its sister ship that traced an x-rated route through the Red Sea last March before clogging up the Suez Canal for six days and spawning countless memes.

The resulting traffic jam further snarled an already unsettled maritime shipping market, and held up more than $9 billion of goods each day.

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