Ever Lose Patience With God?

We lose patience often, even with God. Why doesn't He answer my prayer? Sometimes we just have to give in - surrender to something or someone bigger than us. The disastrous fires in the Northwest have provoked this feeling of helplessness and sometime hopelessness in my prayer life.

Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana are experiencing the worst and most expensive wildfire season, not to mention the surrounding states impacted by the suffocating smoke.

Fire, similar to other weather disasters, tornadoes, floods, and hurricanes, not only ravages the once beautiful earth, but also takes a toll physically and financially on the residents. Physically people battle scratchy throats, itchy eyes, and experience difficulty breathing. Financially, retailers who count on these summer months bringing in tourists now are forced to cut staff as they experience a huge drop in consumption, traffic, and trade.

Routines are disrupted and life as we know it comes to a standstill battling these extreme conditions dropping everything in the face of a tragedy, that only seems to get worse. We have a joke in Montana (before the convenience of cell phones) that it was not a long distance call to reach God, but a local number). This little bit of humor tells of the beauty that the Northwest is, especially Glacier Park.

How can God let this happen in his back yard? How can He allow this ruination, holocaust and loss to continue? So we pray. And Pray. And continue to pray.

When my prayers are not answered immediately I wonder if God really listens. Does He really care? Can He possibly under stand the situation?

The answer is "yes"! Our Creator will take care of ALL of His creation, BUT according to the Bigger Picture. I must surrender to something much bigger - God's will. So thus my Prayer of Surrender - the 4-evers."

Prayer of Surrender - the "4-Evers"
These "4-evers" serve as a template for any prayer of surrender, not matter the occasion.

"Whatever" - Lord, your wish is my command. Whatever you want me to do, I accept. I say, "Yes", Coach put me in". Bring on the people you want me to love, the situations you want me to take on, and the lessons you want me to learn. We can take a page from the prayer book of Jesus, "Not my will, but thine be done." Whatever!

"However" - However you choose to solve my problems I accept your way. I know that you have the Bigger Picture that puts what is happening to me daily in a much bigger life perspective. I know it will work out for the best, the way it is meant to be. "However"!

"Whenever" - Lord, whenever you choose to answer my prayers, I accept your time schedule. I know that all prayers are answered, in your own good "God time", giving us what we need when we need it. I will relax knowing that you have the control of the clock. "Whenever!"

"Forever" - Lord I am forever grateful for the many blessings that surround me every day. The music I hear, the water that I drink, the sunlight that fills my days, and the friends who surround me with love. I will live each minute in gratitude. "Forever"!

We may not understand exactly what each situation brings to us, but be reassured that as God's treasured children, we will be loved and cared for, totally surrendering to His will.

Dear Lord, Grant me patience NOW!
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