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Everlane's Jeans Are Finally On Sale -- And They're Only $68

Proof that ethically made designer denim can be affordable 👖
09/07/2017 05:00am ET | Updated September 7, 2017
Everlane's consciously designed denim is good for the environment and your wallet

Praise the denim gods, because Everlane is finally selling the one closet staple missing from their ethically sourced basics: jeans.

The sustainability-conscious retailer spent over a year sourcing the 2 percent stretch Japanese denim for its newest collection to find a premium fabric that moves comfortably and holds its shape, all without too much stretching and bagging.

The other reason we had to wait so long for denim from our favorite modern-essentials clothing retailer? The company had to find a clean, eco-friendly factory to partner with that wouldn’t pollute the environment.

Check out Everlane's first-ever denim collection

“The truth is, denim is a dirty business,” writes Everlane CEO Michael Preysman in a press release. “The industry is notorious for leaching dangerous toxins into the ecosystem. It’s gross. It’s negligent. We had to find a factory that cared.”

The result is what the company calls “the world’s cleanest denim factory,” at Saitex factory in Vietnam. The factory recycles 98 percent of its water (and the recycled water is actually drinkable), is nearly half-powered by alternative energy, and creates sustainable bricks from the denim’s byproducts, which are used to build homes in the area.

Basically, these are some of the world’s most consciously designed denim.

They come in three styles for women, and two styles for men, in up to four washes. Because of the low-stretch denim, they might fit a bit more tightly than those Old Navy skinnies or high-waisted Gap jeans, so keep that in mind if you’re shopping online. And, unfortunately, Everlane isn’t exactly a plus-friendly retailer, so for now these jeans only go up to a size 32 for women (but there are plenty of other places to snag quality denim for curvy bodies).

For those eager to get behind the retailer’s take on this wardrobe classic, don’t be alarmed if you have to wait a bit to find the perfect fit ― the waitlist for these sure-to-be-cult-favorites is already more than 45,000.

Check out Everlane's first-ever denim collection
Check out Everlane's first-ever denim collection
Check out Everlane's first-ever denim collection

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