Every American Needs to Watch The Warning on Netflix if They Want the Truth about the Financial Collapse

I sometimes have insomnia, so I started watching Netflix on my iPhone and iPad to help me go to sleep at night. That started about a year ago.

Many of the documentaries on Netflix will give you a view of the U.S. and events around the world you have never seen or heard before. These are the kinds of hard-hitting facts you will not see on television or read in the papers. I found myself stunned in disbelief from what I learned from some of the well-researched documentaries.

One of the first documentaries I watched that blew me away was The Warning.

You have to see this film. It tells about how Brooksley Born, the chair of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) during the Clinton administration, saw, very clearly, the impending disaster on Wall Street and in the financial markets. She tried to warn the president, Congress and the media. She could have prevented the devastating financial collapse of our national economy. This woman is a true American hero who fought to protect the money of the American people.

Not only was her warning ignored, the bureaucrats, clearly responsible for the financial collapse, shut her up, shut her down, and she was essentially run out of town by Alan Greenspan, Larry Summers, Ben Bernanke, Tim Geitner and Robert Rubin.

To me, the financial collapse was one of the biggest failings in our government's history. One of the primary functions of government is to protect our financial system from precisely what happened in the 2008 financial crisis. If you watch all of the Netflix documentaries on the financial collapse, you will come away with the opinion that the crisis not only could have been avoided, but the possibility that it was intentional. Many people on Wall Street made billions of dollars as a result of the financial collapse.

The nice thing about Netflix is, once you have watched a film, it will suggest other films you may like, based on what you've watched. Please watch some of the other documentaries on the real causes of the financial collapse.

Some other documentaries you absolutely must watch if you want to know why our national economy collapsed are Inside Job, Breaking the Bank, Ten Trillion and Counting, House of Cards, The Flaw, Goldman Sachs: Power and Peril and many more.

I promise you will be riveted and shocked by the revelations about how the financial collapse actually happened and who was ultimately responsible. Watch these documentaries and then tell your friends to watch them and tell their friends to watch them. These accurate and well-documented films clearly prove the true causes of the economic meltdown and who was responsible.

To me, what happened on Wall Street involved fraud and corruption at the highest level. Hundreds of Wall Street's most corrupt executives should have gone to prison.

Watch the documentaries and see what you think.