Every Camper's Rites of Passage

1. Hearing a noise outside your tent late and night...

and literally thinking that you are on your death b-...sleeping bag.

2. Hearing raindrops on the roof of your tent.

There are few things as calming. Unless you have holes in your tent.

3. Feeling the warmth of a campfire.

Telling scary stories and having to come up with an excuse for wanting to sleep in the middle of the tent.

4. Finishing a difficult paddle and going for a swim.

So refreshing!

5. Eating your favourite campfire food.

Getting home and trying to recreate. Failing. Wonder if you did it wrong or you were just really hungry when you ate it the first time.

6. Heading off into the woods to do the deadly deed...

and coming to the horrifying realization that you have brought with you no toilet paper (after the job is done, of course). You are then forced to decide between the plant you are almost positive is poison ivy and the prickly one.

7. The inflatable mattress you brought...

is literally just a rectangle of holes.

8. How magic it sounds when someone plays a guitar and others sing along...

even if it’s a little out of tune and Karen is tone deaf.

9. Some nights are so cold you wear your entire wardrobe...

and still feel like you have set up camp in Antarctica.

10. Everyone smells so bad...

that no one can tell that anyone smells bad.

11. It takes 2 hours to cook those damn mashed potatoes...

you were daydreaming about during the portage. The upside is the delicious smoky flavour all of your food, and clothing, and hair, acquire.

12. The feeling you get from swapping dirt for duvets.


13. Wondering if anyone saw your entire butt while you were peeing.

Accepting that someone might have seen it.

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