Every Company Needs an Explainer-in-Chief. Maybe Lots of Them

Every Company Needs an Explainer-in-Chief. Maybe Lots of Them
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Back in 2008 at the Democratic National convention, former President Bill Clinton had the task of explaining Obama Care. He did a masterful job. I remember watching it on TV and thinking to myself, "Oh, that's what it's about." Even with his extraordinary rhetorical skills, President Obama is no match for Clinton in translating complicated legislation so large numbers of people understand it. That's why Obama jokingly appointed Clinton his "explainer-in-chief." Every business needs someone like that. In fact, it should be more than one person. Any body in your company, political movement, not-for-profit or start up needs a large swath of employees who can explain what you do and why it's important. The audience for these messages could be at dinner or cocktail parties, bowling leagues or church socials--any place where potential customers, investors, employees, or influencers might be hanging out. The idea is create spokespeople beyond the C-Suite. Virtually everyone in the firm or organization should be trained to carry the messages forward.

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