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Every Diet On The Market Is Basically Trying To Sell You These Three Pieces Of Information About Food

When it comes down to it, most of the diet plans and weight loss programs out there are all selling you the same thing: what to eat, when to eat, and how much to eat.

They might use lots of medical research, compelling before / after photos, or powerful marketing language to make it appear as though their solution is different from anything else you’ve ever encountered before.

But really, the diet industry is just making suckers out of us all, and we’re falling for it hook, line, and sinker--to the tune of $60 Billion a year!

Why do we keep buying into these poorly shrink-wrapped versions of the same three pieces of information?

Because diet and weight loss solutions do a great job of marketing us what we’re really seeking. (Hint: It’s not actually weight loss!).

<p><em>This is what breaking up with dieting looks like! Outfit and accessories by JustFab.</em></p>

This is what breaking up with dieting looks like! Outfit and accessories by JustFab.

We’re not actually looking to weigh less. We’re looking to feel better, and that’s the illusion that these companies are so masterful at creating. They create an aspirational future state where we feel free, look great, and are generally happy and not preoccupied by food and body issues, through the images, language, and storytelling of their marketing campaigns.

These campaigns are effectively masking the truth about living a healthy lifestyle by making it appear as though weight loss is a clean, linear one-time journey, and then, poof! We’re healthy.

The truth about weight loss is that it is not some clean, linear, one-time “magical” journey of transformation. Living a healthy lifestyle is a lifelong pursuit. Especially if you’re trying to lose more than 10 lbs, or have been above your “ideal” weight for longer than 10 years.

And regardless of how much you weigh or how long you’ve been overweight, less that 5% of dieters manage to keep the weight they lose off for longer than five years.

It bears repeating: living a healthy lifestyle is a lifelong pursuit. As long as you draw breath, you have to keep making your health a priority and take the most amazing possible care of your body if you want to be around as long as possible.

This might sound discouraging, but it shouldn’t! Because here’s the kicker: you can feel the way you want to feel now, whether or not you lose the weight.

This doesn’t mean stop trying to fuel your body with delicious, nourishing, and vibrant foods. And it doesn’t mean stop trying to find ways to show your body love through movement each day. It certainly doesn’t mean stop checking in with your doctor about your health and your weight as it pertains to your health.

It means give yourself permission to be, do, have, or feel whatever it is you think you’ll be, do, have, or feel at the “end” of your “weight loss journey.”

Because the journey never ends. And you’re worthy, right now, regardless of how much you weigh!

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