Every Landscape Tells A Story

Every Landscape Tells A Story
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Throughout generations and cultures, personal tales have long been an agent for transformation. Primarily because they contribute to society's narrative-especially in our 140 characters era. Kevin Sessums whose celebrity portraits in Vanity Fair, Interview, Allure-among other publications, has added to that mix with his latest memoir, I Left It on the Mountain. It's a compelling follow-up to his New York Time's bestseller, Mississippi Sissy. The latest book chronicles his beginnings in a New York City of yesteryear, working with Andy Warhol, Tina Brown, his HIV + diagnosis, his descent into addiction and his profiles of today's biggest stars and legends. It's also the odyssey of a man on a spiritual quest and his metamorphosis, after climbing to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro.

To celebrate the release, a launch party was hosted by San Francisco's MC Lux aka Ken Fulk, at his famed design studio in SOMA. This time around the writer became the subject and was seduced by enthusiasm, catered by some of the Bay Area's best folks and his generous emcee. Not only did the writer gift the crowd by signing every single copy of his book, but he also cloaked himself in one of Ella Fitzgerald's coats. Every memoir is the beginning of a conversation with ourselves, as well as with others. Sessums held court while he read a chapter, in his savory Southern tone. His beautifully written prose, posed profound questions about our personal staying-power and the importance of surrendering. It conjured a sense of inner calm and outward humility, with all attendees. Once upon a time, he was a boy from Mississippi who dreamed of playing professional "make believe," in New York City-now he's a resident storyteller in our "land of start-ups."

Kevin Sessums is editor in chief of Four Two Nine and resides in San Francisco with his beloved dogs Archie and Teddy. The memoir comes out on February 24th, from St. Martin's Press.

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