Here's Every Major Uncensored Moment From The 2016 Golden Globes

NSFW, obviously.

There was a s**t ton of dirty jokes at Sunday night's Golden Globe Awards. 

And just in case you were wondering what the f**k some of Hollywood's biggest stars said, the folks at Slate compiled a handy video of nearly every major NSFW moment from the Golden Globes. 

From Jonah Hill's feisty honey comments to Amy Schumer's astonishing admission, the unfiltered video below (complete with subtitles!) will make you laugh and squirm at the same time:  

Host Ricky Gervais got things off to a NSFW start hours before the Globes even began.

"Better get dressed and offend some humourless c***s I suppose," wrote Gervais, accompanied by one of his famous bathtub photos: 

Things only got raunchier from there, as Gervais opened the night with a transphobic Caitlyn Jenner monologue, went in on Ben Affleck and his alleged nanny scandal and cracked numerous jokes at Mel Gibson's expense. 

What a night!  

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