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Every New York City Apartment You'll Live In

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New Yorkers by and large elude categorization. But unfortunately, despite whatever predilections and self-determination may have attracted us to this city of Something for Everyone, real estate here is a totalitarian jerk, and there's really just, like, a dozen or so apartments for everyone. Unless you're a Wall St one-percenter, you've definitely found yourself in at least one (if not all) of these living situations while living in NYC. Hey, at least it's not Florida.

The Free "I Just Moved to NYC" Crashpad
You moved to New York with $1,000, a darling understanding of your aspired-to industry, and the sweetly naive expectation that you'd find an apartment in a weekend. The harsh reality hits early on, but at least you have your best friend from kindergarten/distant cousin/college bae to accommodate you while you check just how much you can lower your monthly student-loan payments.

The Suspiciously Cheap Flatbush Apartment
The Craigslist ad said Prospect Heights, and a year into your NYC tenure, you weren't yet jaded enough to have turned fact-checking into a daily compulsion. There's also the sub-$700 rent -- a miracle! You knew you had to act fast. Now here you are, falling asleep to your upstairs neighbor's DIY mixtape, your roommate's active love life (because what's a wall?), and the sound of your suburban-bred trust shattering into a million rat bite-size pieces.

The Bushwick Apartment With the Rooftop
No self-respecting 20-something with an Instagram following of at least 154 hasn't lived here. Your actual room might have window bars and prison-cell lighting, but the rooftop is the real reason you're subletting the place anyway. Where else would you set up your gratuitous suntan-and-sangria and #nofilter sunset shots, or host your #brokelyf BYOB BYOF BYOJ birthday party?

Your Significant Other's Bedroom
Real estate might be expensive in New York City, but you know what isn't? Love. Love is priceless, and in this case comes with your very own half of a full-size IKEA bed, and a longer-than-intended courtship.

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