Every Photographer Should Own These Accessories Under $75

Every Photographer Should Own These Accessories Under $75
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Whether for Birthdays, Holidays, or I'm just looking for something affordable to make my photography better, these are the photography tools I fill my bag with for under $75. Check out my Youtube Channel LearningCameras for all the latest reviews.

Camera Straps
2016-07-28-1469713835-7912077-camerastraps.jpg Let's face it, the Camera straps that come with your camera suck. Not only are they branded like crazy, they wear down your neck and are not particularly stylish. So why not upgrade your straps with a shoulder sling such as the BlackRapid Sport with heavier systems or BlackRapid Metro for smaller mirrorless cameras.

Purchase the Black Rapid Strap: B&H Photo | Amazon.com

For those of you prioritizing style, definitely take a look at the Davarg Leather straps shown below

Tripods are great but who likes carrying those around. The Gorillapod fits right in your camera bag, can stand up by itself or attach it to a tree, poll, or almost any other object to get a stable shot almost anywhere. These are great for camera flashes too and I tend to use my Gorillapod with lighting more than cameras. But either way, these are great to have around.
Available at: B&H Photo | Amazon.com

ND Filters
Another item you should keep around, especially if you shoot landscapes are ND filters. While these are a must for any videographer, they are more optional for photographers as we typically want more light rather than less. However, there are plenty of times a slow shutter speed is desirable such as with moving water such as waterfalls or an ocean shot. Buy the ND filter that fits your largest lens and use Step Up Rings to adapt it to your smaller lenses.
Available today at: B&H Photo | Amazon.com

LED Light
Led or constant lights are commonly thought of as video lights but really, they are great for photographers as well. They are small, portable, setup instantly, can be used off camera, and you can see your results in real time. Honestly, I never go to shoot photography for a wedding without one of these in my bag. Whether details, portraits, or just a rim light, these always seem to come in handy.
Available today at: Amazon.com

Flash Gels
For those of you shooting with Flashes, flash gels are a must have. You really need to be matching the color temperature of the light around you and for almost every indoor scene, that means tungsten light. Sunsets and Sunrise portraits also typically need gels to combat the varied color temperatures in the scene. Since flashes by default are daylight balanced, that means you need a gel. Gels are also great for creating moods with various colors and effects.
Available today at: B&H Photo | Amazon.com

Memory Card
Gone are the days of expensive memory cards. Honestly, even a great card can be found for under $40 and every one of you should have spares. My personal favorite to keep around are the SanDisk Extremes. While not super expensive, they are fast, reliable, and work with 4k video. For my main cards, I use the slightly more expensive SanDisk Extreme Pro. I typically work with 64GB and 128GB cards but if you need to save some money, the 32GB cards are great and will still hold quite a bit of information. I would personally stay away from anything less than 32GB though...especially if you shoot RAW or Video.
Available today at: B&H Photo | Amazon.com

An Umbrella is the EASIEST light modifier in the world to use. It folds up nicely for portability and in 5 seconds your light modifier is ready to go. They are easy to hold in case you don't have a stand and diffuse the light to create more pleasing portraits or detail shots. I use these with LED lights as well as flashes and they work great for both. You can get them in various sizes but a 36"-45" Umbrella is a great place to start.
Available today at: B&H Photo | Amazon.com

Tripods are great but they are large, heavy, and not always feasible. For these situations a monopod is usually my go to. While not quite able to fit in my camera bag, they are light enough that I don't mind carrying them around wherever I go. These are great for video too when a tripod or other heavier stabilizer is not available. Another use is for off camera lighting as long as you have an assistant or friend around. Simply mount the Flash or LED light to the monopod, and they make it easy to hold your lighting. They are even strong enough to work with umbrellas if you need a modifier for more pleasing light falloff. For those of you looking for a good tripod, take a look at one of my favorite Photography Tripods.
Available for purchase: B&H Photo | Amazon.com

These are some of my favorite accessories for photography all priced under $75. There are certainly some better options if you don't mind spending a bit more but all of the items listed here. For more information and reviews, check out Learningcameras.com

Have any extras I didn't mention that have worked for you? Let me know in the comments below!

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