Every Question You Hear When You Have Twins, Answered In One Hilarious Video

Parents of twins, enjoy!

British comedian Ryan Swain became a dad to identical twin girls seven months ago. Like many parents of twins, he's noticed he tends to receive the same series of questions and comments from friends, acquaintances and strangers on the street.

So the funny dad turned to comedy and created a short video summing up some of his "quickest and wittiest" responses to these remarks. Swain told the Huffington Post, "I wanted to make the video from a true observational perspective of being a parent and a dad and having to embrace the same questions asked by people daily about my twins."

The finished product is called "What A Parent Of Twins Finds Themselves Saying To Everybody!" Some gems include, "Yes, I can tell them apart," "Yes, I'm glad they're mine and not yours, too" and "Yes, they are natural. What's artificial about a twin anyway?"


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