Every RuPaul's Drag Race Queen Ranked By Fan Following

This list is long so buckle in, start your engines and let the best queen, win (subjective spoiler, she doesn't).
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When it comes to cult following, RuPaul's Drag Race is the TV to be watching right now. Fans of that show, while modest in size, are legit crazy for it. Get those people (my people) talking and they won't shut up, with endless reminiscing, and debating which is the best season, best moment, best judge, but most of all, best queen. It's a subjective matter for sure but I thought I might try and quantify it slightly, so have ranked all 100 queens based on their combined following across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to see who has the biggest fan base.

This list is long so buckle in, start your engines and let the best queen, win (subjective spoiler, she doesn't).

100 - 91



90 - 81

I think we can file these ladies under 'God loves a trier'.


80 - 71

All filler, no killer, although let's take a minute for the genius of Miss Stacy.


70 - 61

This is where stuff starts to get good. Some great queens here, including the legend of Raven. Not totally my cup of soup but a legend none the less - girlfriend needs to get better at social media. There is also a few here we didn't see enough of (I'm looking at you Lineysha and Laila).


60 - 51

Almost half way, keep going, you can do this.


Three things: 1) this is further proof Yara Sofia is yards better than Alexis Matteo 2) look how low Coco ranks, All Star my tuck 3) Chi Chi is way too low here, get ready and stay ready for her to climb the ranks this year.

50 - 41

This is where things get strong. Some amazing queens in here, plus Derrick. Saying that, a top three queen with less than 200k isn't much to shout about, Ginger joins season 1, 2 and 3 alumnae in that honour.


40 - 31

This group would be a genius All Stars line up.


30 - 21

So much amazing. Trixie, Kim, Katya and Yara are everything, Bob is amazing, DeLa is one of my very favourites and, unpopular opinion alert, I live for Mimi - much like god, I love a deluded trier and the fact she pisses off every other queen at every meeting just fills me with joy.


20 - 11

Now that is a killer start to top 20. Thrilled Milk is in there, super underrated.


And now, to the top 10.


A winner way back in season 3, Raja is all about the look, and it's a good look so you can see why a lot of people want to follow her online. That's all.


The second winner in a row, and what a great one Jinkx is. Hilarious then and now, her fans are pretty intense with their adoration. I get it, not totally, but I get it.


Now Courtney I love. A gorgeous queen who is 100% aware of and confident in her own strengths without the slightest hint of an apology. She's funnier than people give her credit for and she's got that balance of creating amazing looks without being just a pretty girl. Also, minor side point, she's a complete whore.


Funniest queen maybe ever? Love me some Juju.


She's pretty.


Hiiiiiiiiii. Possibly my favourite, certainly top 3. All hail queen Alaska.


Thank you God for all that Willam bod.


I mean, of course she is top three. So good.


Well here we go, and for once, Bianca is not leading the pack. The differentiator is Instagram, which is likely to be a better platform for younger queens as it has a younger audience (yes, that's a read). Bianca is just undeniable, even if you don't like her (I do, for the record) you really can't take anything away from Bianca.


Oh Adore, for a girl who seems like she can't spell she sure does have a big Twitter following. Adore is brilliant, it's about time she took a crown.

Fun bonus facts:

  • Sharon is the most followed queen on Twitter, followed by Bianca
  • Carmen leads the pack on Facebook
  • Adore is the queen of Instagram by a considerable number of followers. Bianca and Miss Fame sit at two and three
  • Most followed of each season: Nina Flowers, Jujubee, Carmen, Sharon, Alaska, Adore, Miss Fame, Kim Chi

Caveats - the data is true as of June 2016, Shangela is counted as season 3 6th place (S2 doesn't count), if a queen isn't on a platform they get a 0, sorry about it, and finally I decided who came second and third if it isn't defined because I wrote it.

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