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'Every Success Starts With the Decision to Try'

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I have never heard of a professional boxer who steps inside a ring expecting to lose the fight he had trained to win. If you harbor the feeling of defeat then you'll fall victim to your circumstances. We have the power to change our lives and regardless of what it looks like you will win. Know that what you choose to believe is what will remain until we change our mind. If you believe that you are defeated then you are.

We can miss out on the best times of our lives by focusing on all of our misfortunes and dwelling on those things that we cannot change. As we experience life's challenges we must remain positive and keep moving forward, yet with each challenge take the valuable lessons we have learned and apply them to our life. I use to find myself dwelling on what tomorrow holds and when tomorrow came everything turned out just fine. While you are focused on tomorrow know that God is already there working it out for you, so live in the present.

Live each day believing you are victorious in every area of your life. Never allow your temporary situation to dominate your everyday thoughts. Take back your power and show gratitude for each day that you are given to create the life you want. It's so easy to complain about all the things going wrong in your life and realize that complaining doesn't change your situation. Stop complaining and begin writing down your vision which could lead to your success story. I believe that we all have an appointment with success, but many fail to write down their vision and find themselves chasing things of little substance. It's important to prepare ourselves for greater opportunities.

I believe that no matter where you are in life there is always room for improvement which means we can't afford to miss any appointments such as business meetings, conferences that will call your greatness forward. Who is in your life Circle? Those that speak life over your goals and dreams will empower you to achieve those things you desire, so surround yourself with those that will believe in you. As you do that you will find that you don't have the desire to focus on things you cannot change. Claim what you want and believe it is attainable. Decide today that you will not settle for less and live a life of peace, abundance, and gratitude.

Encourage yourself in tough times and regardless of what you are facing you won't fall victim to your circumstance. Use your time and energy towards things that are uplifting and that will challenge you to go to the next level. What you focus on the most is what will grow, so stay focused and shut out all distractions that will cause you to get off track. Many times we say what we want, but never write down the vision or take the necessary steps to achieve our goals. This step is vital, so as you start your journey and things begin to unfold according to your vision, you will then be able to see how close you are to making your dream a reality.

One day while at work a guy approached the counter and said, "I keep trying to lose weight, but I keep failing." I then said to him "You fail when you don't try, so keep going and eventually you'll get there." As I said that to him, I remembered the times I doubted myself and came to realize failure is quitting and success comes when one decides to try. Never stop going after your dreams and regardless of the road blocks keep going.


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