Every Successful Businessperson has 3 Innate Traits

Every Successful Businessperson has 3 Innate Traits
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Michael Buffington, a successful chiropractor from Rockwall, Texas, had a recent experience that impacted his views on what helps make a business owner successful.

Buffington was invited to copilot a monstrous off-road vehicle operated by his friend and wealth strategist, Michael Isom, for the Mint 400 off-road race near Las Vegas. Buffington strapped himself into the passenger seat of Isom’s Can-Am UTV for a 300-mile race and the two friends and business associates navigated the Nevada desert with hundreds of other dare-devil motorists. They ended the race in a respectable 9th place finish in their class.

Buffington and Isom in Isom’s Can-Am UTV

Buffington and Isom in Isom’s Can-Am UTV

Photo courtesy of Michael Buffington

What Buffington learned from that exciting and new experience was that he, and other successful business entrepreneurs, possess three unique traits that have helped him become who he is today.

Be genuine

Buffington has found that because he is a person who makes an effort to build close, personal relationships with his clients, he has seen more success. He believes it’s not enough to simply have a good idea and execute your business – you have to be a person your partners and customers genuinely enjoy being around.

That doesn’t mean you have to jump into an off-road vehicle and traverse the desert surrounding Las Vegas, however, to be a successful businessperson you need to make an effort to build genuine rapport with the people you interact with.

“Michael and I make a great team on and off the track,” Buffington said. “As a business owner, your main goal is to stay in the race, and you need to find the people who align with your passions and beliefs in order to accomplish that.”

Build relationships upon trust

What made Isom and Buffington’s 9th place finish in their race possible was the clear communication and the trust built between them. This trust was instilled between these two men off the racetrack before they ever got into Isom’s Can-Am UTV.

In the business world, Buffington is the lead driver, while Isom is the passenger helping navigate the rough terrain of finances. Buffington realizes that every once in awhile he has to relinquish control and trust Isom and recognizes that giving him his trust has also helped them build a mutually beneficial relationship.

“In the race, I ultimately had no control over what actually happened,” Buffington said. “Much like in business, I had to put my faith in the knowledge and expertise of someone else and trust in their ability to see the challenge through.”

Photo courtesy of Michael Buffington

Enjoy the work

Marc Anthony is often credited with saying,

“If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.”

Buffington believes that you will never be successful in business if you’re not doing what you love. Like Isom, Buffington has a deep love for racing. Buffington is an avid NASCAR© fan and has even competed in some short-track motorcycle races and participated in some other ride-along scenarios. A person might have to make a stretch to uncover a connection between the work they do and their passion, like Buffington did with racing, but without passion, there is no success. Buffington has achieved this by intermingling his work and his play.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a chiropractor with a love for racing, or a software developer with a great idea starting a new tech company, it’s imperative to be genuine, build relationships upon trust, and enjoy the work you do to be successful. Every successful entrepreneur has embraced these core values.

Photo courtesy of Michael Buffington

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