Every Thought I Had While Watching the Gilmore Girls Revival: Winter

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Nostalgia is sweet.

Look at those Gilmore girls back together again.

Why does Rory’s voice sound she’s standing on the opposite side of nine-year-old glass?

Fast talk! Love the fast talk. Those girls talk fast real well.

Tacos? This is downright heretical! Their first meal of this special episode should be Luke’s!

Iced tea spoons! Is Lorelai tying the knot? More importantly, I’ll finally learn what they hell iced teaspoons ( iced tea spoons ?)are.

What is Lane’s beauty regimine? She hasn’t aged at all. That woman is magic.

Kirk was always a pig person who just never owned a pig.

Of course you smell snow, there’s snow all over the place. I’m unimpressed.

Where can I find me that fridge?

I’m surprised it took a whole ten minutes to make a Lena Dunham reference.

Rory would never forget Dean. Or Jess. Or Logan.

Come on, Rory wouldn’t keep a boyfriend she doesn’t like around for two years.


You have got to be kidding me. Rory stress tapdancing? I don’t buy it. The Rory Gilmore I know would eat an entire pizza pie, a box of pop tarts, and four cups of coffee while keeping her svelte figure.

People are dumb. I only drink coffee in middle of the night, then don’t stop until about five the next afternoon when I switch to gin and repeat.

More bagels! #girlpower

It’s about time they let Michel have a partner.

Sookie should be here.

Lame celebrity chef mumbo jumbo.

Luke is going to have to find another car to take the parts out of and put them in Lorelai’s.

At least now this song will be stuck in my head for the next five years.

Gypsy! That’s gypsy!

I think Emily needs to move out just to make room for that painting.

Diggin’ up those holes Digger.

Chris wasn’t her first? This is news.

Kirk at the Gilmore house is like a cronut, didn’t know you needed it but you are sure glad it’s there. Oh cronuts. Hm. Hungry.

I’ll take that hug over here, Luke.

I don’t know why Paris Gellar owning a fertility and surrogacy clinic makes perfect sense to me. Honestly, though, I could watch Paris Gellar own a Burger King.

What’s River Song doing here?

Is the Doctor about to show, say the Doctor is about to show up.

She’s talking to Logan, obvs.

Yup, Logan.

It’s highly unlike Rory to cheat on her boyfriend she can’t remember. I am not buying anything that Rory is doing right now. Someone get me a Chilton uniform and a book.

My favorite part of the revival so far is Luke giving people fake Wifi passwords.

I’m still not understanding why she didn’t just keep all her boxes at Lorelai.

Zack and Lane’s house looks like the inside of Lane’s secret closet.

a grandma without a grandpa :(

The return of Hep Alien!

Okay, Hep Alien got really good. Rock out or whatever.

Gil must be using Lane’s beauty regimine.

Work those jeans, Emily.

Emily might be my spirit animal.

Lorelai and Emily need a swat team of therapist. Let’s get Ben Afleck in here.

There goes Winter.

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