'Every Three Seconds' Someone Dies Of Hunger, This Documentary Hopes To Change That

It Happens Every Three Seconds... And It Has To Stop

One person dies of starvation every 3.6 seconds, according to UNICEF, and it is typically a child under the age of five.

A new documentary by Daniel Karslake, entitled "Every Three Seconds," looks at the tireless work of five very different individuals who are tackling hunger with the skills and resources at their disposal.

“Most things in the world that are worth doing were deemed impossible until they were done, ” Paul Loeb, author of Soul of a Citizen, says in the film.

Karlake, who previously directed and produced "For The Bible Tells Me So," felt compelled to make the film after reading the harrowing statistics on hunger, he told HuffPost. His aim was to show the ways in which "regular people" can do something to make a difference. Little by little, Karlake said, the situation is improving.

“We now have the power to make this a world that works for everyone," Karslake told HuffPost. "We’ve already cut the number of people dying from hunger and extreme poverty in half over the last 40 years, and we now have the tools to go the rest of the way by ending hunger completely!“

Several screenings of "Every Three Seconds" have taken place around the country, and the film will make its New York debut on October 15 at Middle Collegiate Church.

Reverend Jacqueline Lewis, senior minister at Middle Collegiate Church, told HuffPost she was delighted to host the screening.

"At Middle Church we feel called by God to boldly live our faith out loud, which means healing our souls so we can heal the world. This film actually features one of our members, Susan Davis, a shining example of what happens when human beings choose to engage the world around them as though they can have an impact. In fact, all of us can."

The filmmakers are also encouraging people everywhere to host home screenings of the film to coincide with World Food Day on October 16.

“We could be the generations that, for the first time in human history, end hunger," Karslake said. "How can we not all want to be part of that? We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.”

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