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Every Woman Who Has Ever Used Contraceptives Needs to Fight Rush Limbaugh's War on Women!

Is Rush disgusting or what? He publicly called a brave young law student a "slut" and a "prostitute" because she stood up for something that most American women use -- contraceptives.
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If you've ever used contraception, then Rush Limbaugh thinks you're a "slut" or a "prostitute," too! Why hasn't Rush insulted men who use Viagra for their "social activity"?

Did you know that most health insurance plans cover the cost of Viagra, the prescription medication for men? Doesn't that enable men with "erectile dysfunction" to be able to perform sexually (i.e., to have sex?) But does Rush Limbaugh believe men have a right to enjoy sex as a "social activity" and that their health insurance should enable them to do that? Apparently he does! He must think that's OK because he's never publicly attacked a man for obtaining Viagra that's paid for by health insurance.

However, he did spend three hours each day for three days last week personally attacking law student Sandra Fluke, 30, on his radio show, because she dared to testify to the House Democratic Steering and Policy Committee on Feb. 23 about mandated private health coverage for contraceptives. She believes that her school, Georgetown University , should cover the cost of birth control pills in the health insurance they offer their female students. I bet Viagra is covered for the guys!

Rush told Sandra that he would personally pay for the "aspirin" for Georgetown University students to "hold between their knees" as contraception. He accused Sandra Fluke of having so much pre-marital sex that she was "going broke." He said that if Sandra or other female Georgetown University students want their contraceptives to be paid for by health insurance companies that they should pay us (i.e., Rush Limbaugh) back by videotaping themselves having sex and then posting the videos, so he could see them.

Is Rush disgusting or what? He publicly called a brave young law student a "slut" and a "prostitute" because she stood up for something that most American women use -- contraceptives. He insulted her and the women of Georgetown University 53 times and said that if they ever engaged in sex, which he described as a "social activity," then they were "sluts" and "prostitutes"!

He has never insulted men for having sex or implied that they were engaging in an illegal activity if they had sex.

And since the number of Americans actually getting married is at an all-time low and the number of children born to unmarried parents is at an all-time high, then he was pretty much insulting millions and millions of Americans, of both sexes.

I don't even actually think Rush Limbaugh feels that your marital status prevents you from being a "slut" or a "prostitute." It's his opinion that if you believe that birth control pills, like almost all prescription drugs, should be covered by health insurance plans, then you're a "slut" and a "prostitute" because you are obviously having sex that's not just to procreate and health insurance plans shouldn't pay for that.

Of course, he doesn't have a problem with health insurance covering treatment for lung cancer, which is the result of another social activity -- smoking -- or from covering treatment for heart attacks which are often the result of another social activity -- overeating -- or even from covering the cost of concussions or broken limbs, which are the result of social activities like skiing or playing football.

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