Everybody Is Laughing About This Photo Of Delly At The Party

Matthew Dellavedova is undeniably “that guy."
Hey, it's Delly!
Hey, it's Delly!

Imagine showing up to the Cleveland Cavaliers' championship party to pop bottles with LeBron James and J.R. Smith, only to run into bench-warming guard Matthew Dellavedova first.

He feels a bit out of place in a Las Vegas club, but he knows you. Now that he's recognized you from across the club, he's pointing at you and walking over. He's smiling too. Oh no. There's a beer -- worse yet, a canned Corona -- in his hand. No lime too. Crap. You're screwed. Delly's gonna make you do what "that guy" at the party always does: you're late, so you have to chug a beer because you need to catch up. Just don't spill on Delly's sweet Tommy Bahama-looking shirt -- clothing fit for the man of the hour.

Wait, man of the hour? Why, yes.

Delly was crowned an NBA champion on Sunday night. That's right. The pesky Australian-born point guard who's known more for his tendency to wind up sprawled across on the floor than his actual play on it will get an NBA ring next season, and you won't.

And so, Delly and his teammates headed to Las Vegas for the night to party. J.R. Smith took his shirt off and sprayed champagne everywhere. Richard Jefferson enjoyed what may have been the best retirement party ever. LeBron held what had to be the biggest bottles of alcohol available for human consumption.

Delly, however, looked like a tourist at his own team's party, especially in this photo by ESPN reporter Arash Markazi. Pointing right at the camera, beer in hand, like a many a bro have done, Delly looked like he wanted to be someone's beer pong partner. Ah, c'mere, mate, you know you wanna team up with Delly.

Understandably, the online laugh factory known as Twitter had some fun with the photo. We have to imagine Delly would enjoy the jokes himself.

We couldn't help, it either.

Oh, Delly, how far you've come.

Delly in high school, before he could get into nightclubs.
Delly in high school, before he could get into nightclubs.
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