Everybody Needs A Producer

" Everybody Needs A Producer "
Rev. Peter E. Bauer

George Martin had a profound effect on the Beatles. His influence was felt throughout all of their work. He artfully suggested to Paul McCartney that a string section be added to " Yesterday ", which gave it a light classic feel. In a recent article George Martin was remembered:
"Martin arguably had more claim than any other, because of the influence on their sound and the innovation in their production. This ran throughout their recording career, conspicuously so on songs as diverse as She Loves You, Penny Lane, Eleanor Rigby and Strawberry Fields Forever. His classical-influenced training embellished and enhanced the raw genius of Lennon and McCartney's songwriting.
Martin occasionally played piano on the Beatles' records, including the sped-up piano break on In My Life on Rubber Soul. The relationship between Martin, whose (somewhat) patrician voice belied his relatively poor background and the band matured and prospered through the peaks of Revolver and Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band". Producer George Martin recalls making the Beatles' classic ...www.theguardian.com/.../producer-
Others have noted regarding Sir George Martin:
the producer sped up "Please, Please Me," was a crack string arranger, and came up with the dramatic ending of "A Day in the Life." He also played piano on "In My Life," got a choir for "I Am the Walrus" and helped Lennon realize the eerie vocal effect on the unforgettable "Tomorrow Never Knows" with studio trickery rather than an intercontinental trip.
"He wanted his voice to sound like the Dalai Lama chanting from a hilltop," Martin later said. "Well, I said, 'It's a bit expensive going to Tibet. Can we make do with it here?'" What George Martin, who died Tuesday, really did for the Beatles Washington Post‎ - 10 hours ago
When I think about the wonderful guidance and direction that George Martin gave The Beatles, I wonder what would it be like if we all had a great producer ? Someone who is kind, urbane, smart, funny and yet compassionate to encourage the best performance out of our lives. This can be realized when you have a coach working with an athlete or a team, or a therapist working with a patient or a family.
Collaboration is wonderful because it brings out the best in the teacher and in the student. Here the work can occur very effectively when there is mutual support, dialogue, engagement and encouragement. Post-Modernism or Social Constructivist theory prescribes this kind of thinking about the helping process between therapist and patient. The therapist is not the teacher, but the patient/client is the one who is the expert regarding their own life. ( Dr. Harlene Anderson ).Therefore, the task of the teacher or coach is to walk with the individual, i.e. the patient, the musician etc., and help them to arrive at the destination they desire, hopefully in a new and greater informed state.
George Martin certainly did that for The Beatles and we are all the richer for that accomplishment.
Yes, it is true that " All You Need Is Love ", but you also need someone who can help you realize that love more for yourself, for your life, for your vocation, career, your family and for your world.
May we become able and available producers for one another.
May it be so.