Everybody needs to listen to Leon Else or else

Leon Else is a UK born singer-songwriter, and one that I want an album from. Everybody needs to listen to his music so we can make that happen. This is him:

Obviously he’s dreamy, but this isn’t just me being a fifteen year old with a penchant for camp looking men. His music is amazing. I’ll take you on the journey.

It started for me when he was all cool and brooding, and released a track called Protocol.

It’s all about him having a sexual liaison with someone who is falling in love with him and he is like totally falling in love back but being all difficult and withdrawn aka irresistible about it. It has this pulsing beat and shifts tempo throughout to keep it interesting without ever “going off” (jump to 2:56 - 3:02 for a great moment). The lyrics are also savage. Imagine post-coitally hearing; “rules are there for a reason, if you can't fight what your feeling, please shut the door as your leaving”. Amazing.

That was my only Leon fix for a while, and then he dropped his River Full of Liquor EP, and the love grew. It’s all great, but for me the title track was killer, with this cool piano intro and ghostly whistle going on all the way through. It’s all about living a messy life full of booze, drugs and unknown hook ups but told in a way that makes you think that is absolutely a viable, romantic lifestyle choice. Great lyric alert:

“My life’s been going 1 girl 2 girl 3 girl 4, I don’t know what the fuck I’m doing no more, 5 drinks, 6 drinks, sipping it straight, I don’t need no mixer, she can’t taste it when I kiss her”

While he is off having loads of cocaine fueled casual sex and brushing his teeth with Jack (#FreeKesha) he also appears to have the love of his life at home, or waiting outside the cinema absolutely furious at five past nine holding tickets and a giant Coke like an idiot because Leon is a DICK. This is all documented in song form in Cheap Hotel, another fan favourite from the EP (I like it anyway).

Recently he’s funked the music up a bit, which initially I wasn’t that into because I like my borderline sociopath singers to stay in their lane, but then he released The City Don’t Care and I was into it because I’m fickle / a girl’s got to dance.

See also: What I Won’t Do

Point is, he is amazing, and I really want a full album. It takes a village people, so listen and follow and all that, and then “his people” might realise we are mindless clones they can make money from, and ramp it all up a bit. I’ll leave you with this:

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