'Everybody Wants Some' Preview and Cast Interview

With throwback songs from the '80s to the cast singing all of the words to "Rapper's Delight" in the car, the soundtrack will have you nostalgic for short-shorts and teased hair. I've never seen "Dazed and Confused," but apparently "Everybody Wants Some" is in the same vein -- especially since the Richard Linklater wrote, produced and directed both films.

You will take the journey with the cast of 12 baseball players, ranging from incoming freshman to graduating seniors hoping to be drafted in the major leagues; to a super-senior who really isn't supposed to be there, but is because he loves playing ball. Each character is distinctly different and entertaining in their own right. You will start getting invested in their storylines to the point that you will be a bit disappointed when the film ends. You will want to know what happens to these guys. In fact, it begs for a sequel, but in TV form -- like "Fame", "Clueless" and the list goes on.

The mindless musings of the cast also points out that there really isn't a plot point, climax or reason for the film, other than...the mindless musings of a college baseball team. This, I imagine, makes it possibly a hard sell for mass theater goers. Also, the "Dazed and Confused" audience is very niche. But seriously, this film is pure fun. You will actually enjoy the movie and even find yourself laughing out loud. Get a feel of the silliness by checking out my chat with the cast at Scottsdale Stadium, in the middle of San Francisco Giants spring training!

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