13 Real-Life Occasions That Totally Deserve Greeting Cards


Birthdays. Anniversaries. Weddings. All are excellent occasions to send a greeting card. But why limit ourselves? There are countless occasions and zillions of other moments that deserve more recognition than they normally get -- from the happy to the mediocre -- and we think they are worthy of a greeting card, too. In partnership with Hallmark Studio INK, we’re bringing you our top 13.

1. When you want to give your Uber driver more than just five stars.
2. When you want to say, “I’m sorry I thought you were kidding when you said that’s what you were naming your baby.”
3. When you want to congratulate your buddy on finishing three seasons of a Netflix show in one weekend.
4. When you can finally start keeping a toothbrush at his or her place.
5. When you need another chance to say “thanks” to your barista because you tipped him when his back was turned.
6. When your friend gets stood up by an OkCupid date.
7. When you want to tell your former hair stylist that you’ve switched salons but wish her or him only the best.
8. When you want to cheer up a friend whose favorite character was killed on “Game of Thrones.”
9. When you need to break it to your parents that you don’t listen to voicemail and haven’t gotten any of the messages they’ve left you in the past five years.
10. When you want to thank a friend for always telling you when you have food stuck in your teeth.
11. When you want to congratulate someone on becoming the newest member
of the #squad.
12. When you want to let someone know that you’re really worried about the expired salad dressing in her refrigerator.
13. When you want to thank someone for helping you put your Ikea furniture together.

What do you think? What else deserves to be recognized with a card? Let’s hear it in the comments!

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