Everyday Leadership

In the world today, there is a great yearning for hope and inspiration... a yearning for leaders. I'm not referring to leaders who "run the show" and "call the shots", but those who are willing to lead by setting an example: that is the new leadership.

If you'd like to be a leader every day of your life, not by being elected to such a position, writing legislation, or speaking from a platform, but just by being you, then consider these steps to becoming a true leader of humanity and changing the world:

Step 1: Daily choose what type of a person you wish to be.

This first step sets the tone for your entire way of life. What kind of person have you always wanted to be? Kind, loving, generous, supportive, spiritual, courageous, abundant? How would this person carry themselves? How would they talk? Interact with others? React to situations? Do their work?

Ask yourself, "What am I radiating about myself?" What is my body language: chest out, shoulders back, head high, open? Or, shrinking, hunched over, head down, shut down? Am I breathing deep and slow or shallow and fast? Observe yourself for a moment and recognize the difference.

Notice the way you are, because the way you are affects other people. You share energy with those around you. If you wish to be a peaceful, joyful person, are you transferring thoughts of laughter and harmony or anger and separation? Do you radiate inner peace or inner struggle? Let yourself open up to who you really want to be and how you want your life to go.

Step 2: Dare to feel good every single day of your life.

Care about how you feel and choose to orient to life in ways that feel good. When you take care of yourself, and nurture yourself, and do the things that make you feel happy, you allow the light within you to flow forth in expanded and amplified ways. Feeling good makes those you come into contact with feel good, too. Be less willing to feel less than good. Be more attentive to the way you feel and more urgently attend to your vibration when you realize you're "off".

By choosing to think thoughts that feel good and by choosing to feel good, you demonstrate a particular way of living that allows others to believe they can live that way, too. In your joy, you're demonstrating what's possible, and what the world needs now is demonstration of what's possible with ease and grace. In this way, you pave the way for more joy, not just for yourself, but for others, because it empowers them to see their own potential. Each of us empowers the other to the greatest degree when we're fulfilled.

Step 3: Recognize that you are your soul in form.

Your soul has a plan for your everyday life. See yourself as the soul that you are. Make a connection with your unlimited, infinite essence, and from there, look at the world around you. When your view of yourself is different, your view of the world is different. The need to control outcomes fades away and in its place is a broader perspective of quiet observance and acceptance.

From this place of loving energy, your essence desires to bring about a transition from that which has been, from old fear-based energies, to a new era. Imagine that you are truly open and have no fear, that you dare to follow your deepest inspiration, and others will be influenced to follow in your footsteps. As you begin living according to your deepest desires, you make it easier for others to do the same. You then become a living example that it can be done...that it is possible.

Maybe when you were a child, it didn't feel safe to be who you really were inside - innocent, trusting, and filled with the light of love. However, it is safe to let your light shine. When you permit your soul to show itself, you naturally become a loving presence...you don't have to say a word. Your energy alone will have a transforming effect and bless the world.

To be a great leader, you do not have to wait until you've reached a kind of perfection, which doesn't actually exist. It's about getting up every day and taking a step forward to share how amazing you are with the world. Being a leader is not about having control or power over others, but about being a beacon of hope, inspiration, support, and encouragement. It's about being a conduit for your soul's energy in order to empower your fellow human beings to connect with their own beautiful, unique souls. This is what being a leader is truly all about.

“One person must choose a new way of being and live that difference in the presence of others so that it can be witnessed and sealed into the pattern. In doing so, we upgrade our programs of belief and send consciousness the blueprint for a new reality.” - Gregg Braden, The Divine Matrix
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