Everyone is an Enlightenment Center

Everyone is an Enlightenment Center
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If you are able, even if only for one brief moment, to look, your answers are always within. While you may know this on some level, maybe you are afraid of what you might hear or feel. However, this is just your emotional/intellectual self (ego) talking, not your essence. Your choices and decisions are not always easy ones to make, and you want to make them with the best resources available to you. Listening to your inner wisdom with an open heart is essential to living authentically.

Individually, each of us is a key for unlocking the great divine energy that permeates us all. As one key turns, many others will follow; together we can move closer to the truth that is meant for each of us. No man or woman is ever an island unto him- or herself; those who suffer in loneliness or depression, for example, must come to know that if they reach out there is a guiding hand to clasp theirs.

There may be no greater pursuit than the freedom to be who we were meant to be so that each of us may fulfill the purpose for which we have come into this world. Yet many choose a life that appears to contradict this possibility. You have the freedom to choose the path you wish to take in this life.

When starting my spiritual journey, I reconsidered what and who I had been up to that point. I was forced to ponder some of the usual questions we face, as well as those we refuse to explore out of fear of the unknown. While I had no particular spiritual or religious belief system guiding my life, I had an open mind. And an open mind is one that is flexible and has the ability to consider things outside the normal framework of what we are programmed to think.

How many times do we have this intuition, or “gut feeling,” and ignore it in favor of our desires or what others are telling us we should do? The inner source, or soul, is one of a divine nature that is propelled by love. Trusting our deeper feelings and inner voice is a key for moving us forward on our path. This internal mechanism is waiting to be tapped and will lead us to a closer relationship with heaven and the Divine.

Here's a Seven-Step Process for Spiritual Expansion and Healing

Being able to hear your inner voice is a result of going within yourself and clearing the emotional and mental pathways for your own energy to flow. Becoming centered and more grounded helps provide a good foundation for developing your psychic senses and working with the heavenly realm.

1. Put aside your doubts and be open to possibilities. An open mind is a powerful receptor.

2. Understand the connection between mind, emotions, body, and soul. If one of these areas is out of alignment, it short-circuits the connection and power they have together. Strive for harmony of being.

3. Learn to tame and manage your outward and inward feelings, recognizing how you express emotion in order to hear the voice of a greater power, love.

4. Be authentic; be true to yourself. Know there is a higher power that loves you unconditionally for who you are and wants you to love yourself and others.

5. Learn to meditate, and then do it regularly. Quiet the body so you can focus the mind with intention. Your mind is not your brain, it is not part of your body, it is not limited to the physical boundaries of your body, and it will exist even after the death of your body.

6. Join a meditation or a spiritual development Circle with others where you can practice meditation, raise your energy vibration, conduct psychic exercises, and expand spiritual awareness.

7. Trust this process and those in the heavenly realm. Have faith in a higher power.

The tools given here, if followed, will lead you to a new relationship with yourself and a much greater expression of the true reason you are here. The fundamental purpose of your life is that you may find truth, truth which will be unveiled to you by your own inner self. And, together we will move toward hope, unity, and peace and away from disillusionment, disconnection, and discord.


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