Everyone Is Freaking Out About The Seagull In Blake Lively's New Movie, 'The Shallows'

And rightfully so.

Warning: Spoilers below for "The Shallows"!

Blake Lively's new film, "The Shallows,” navigates the waters as a cross between travel porn and torture porn. 

The summer flick peppers scenes of Lively surfing over a soundtrack of EDM music with attention-grabbing shark attacks, dramatic deaths, a Baby G watch (the nostalgia!) and a certain, handy flare gun. It is by no means Oscar material, but it's definitely a fun flick.

Lively does a good job carrying the movie on her own with the help of a feathery friend. The seagull in the movie -- basically the Wilson to Lively's Chuck Noland -- often steals the show with his timely pecks and will-he-or-won't-he survive scene. The bird, who goes by Steven Seagull, is currently causing a bit of a fuss:

The Huffington Post has confirmed with the producers of "The Shallows" that the seagull is indeed real. 

"The Shallows" hits theaters this Friday, June 24. 



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