Everyone Is Wrong About Tiger Woods

If Tiger Woods were a stock, I'd be backing up the truck and buying as much as I could.

I've been astonished by the number of folks who think that Tiger is basically done -- not just in his marriage and corporate sponsor careers, but in golf.

What golfer have these folks been watching for the past 10 years?

Tiger's marriage is probably over. Tiger's public image has suffered a bit (among women, anyway). Tiger's current sponsors are doing their best to airbrush him out of their pasts. Tiger's competitors are getting in their kicks while he's down. And Tiger's hypothetical stock has tanked, causing the usual herd of greater fools to rush in and try to make a killing when it's already way too late.

Tiger is the equivalent of Apple in the late 1990s... down but not out. In a year or two, Tiger's marriage troubles will have been resolved, either by his changing his ways (unlikely) or going his own way. Tiger's bashers will have had their fun, and all the Tiger ladies who sold their stories will have long since been forgotten. On the golf course, meanwhile, Tiger will be back to being a legend again. And corporate sponsors will once again be lining up around the block.

Those who are bashing Tiger Woods now are making the common and boneheaded mistake of jumping aboard the popular trade. The popular trade is almost never the right trade. And Tiger Woods is undervalued.