What If Everyone On Earth Jumped At Same Time? (VIDEO)

It's kind of a scary question: what would happen if everyone on Earth jumped at precisely the same moment? A giant tsunami-inducing earthquake? Would we knock our planet out of orbit? Would the planet move at all?

Michael Stevens, host of a hit online series called Vsauce, explains in a new video that basically nothing would happen.

What if we all jumped in the same area?

"If every single person alive right now on Earth stood shoulder-to-shoulder, you could fit all of us into the city of Los Angeles," Stevens says in the video. "So then we jump. What happens?... Unfortunately not much."

Geez, it's like the most interesting question with a bummer of a result. But the reason why nothing really would happen is in itself mind-boggling. You see, Earth is so huge that the force of everyone across the globe--about 7 billion people--in a single, concentrated jump would only push Earth away from us by 100th of the width of a single hydrogen atom, Stevens says.

Goes to show, our collective mass compared to the mass of our planet is pretty insignificant--and yet, that's pretty awesome.



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