Everybody Loves Daymond

Daymond John, to most people is a man of mystery to a degree. Everyone knows he founded the multi billion-dollar fashion brand Fubu and recognize him from ABC's hit show, Shark Tank.

The real Daymond John is a bigger mystery, I find my self constantly answering questions about him, what he's like off-camera and our working relationship. I thought I would put a few quick lines down about the man I have learned to respect.

When Daymond offered to buy part of Mission Belt Co. I was absolutely blown away. He was certainly the least complimentary during the pitch and Q&A portion of our dealings on Shark Tank. This is part of the reason why I was so taken back by his interest and subsequent offer.

Daymond plays his cards close to his chest. He is an amazing negotiator. He knows just the right words to use and the timing is always spot on. Johnny Carson used to have an embroidered pillow on his couch in his home office that read: "It's all in the timing." No truer words have ever been embroidered anywhere.

Daymond knows everyone, and he is never afraid to get involved and make things happen. His company Shark Branding is an entrepreneur's dream come true. Its a one stop shop for success, and if Daymond lets you in, you are in for life.

One of the top questions I get in about Daymond is in regard to his accessibility. I can't speak to anyone else's experience, but Daymond not only has weekly contact with me but also allows me to contact him anytime I want on his cell. We text mostly because we are both busy. Sometimes he and I share a laugh about a picture or someone who has tweeted us; it's a great relationship where I feel I can ask him anything and I pretty much do.

I have never spoken about this till now, but when I walked on to the set of Shark Tank I had written his name on a piece of paper and placed it in my front shirt pocket. He was the dream. I always believe in writing and even speaking your dreams aloud will bring your consciousness clarity and the path will be laid before you. Daymond is now my reality.

After the deal, I went to my dressing room to relax after an hour-long pitch in the tank as Daymond along with the other Sharks continued with the next group of entrepreneurs and the filming of season 4. I had just sat down when a member of his entourage entered, Jeremy Spund.

He warmly extended his congratulations and his excitement about our deal. His first question to me was: "Was Daymond the Shark you wanted?" I produced the piece of paper from my shirt and showed it to him. He smiled. I told him I was surprised Daymond wanted me. Jeremy quickly noted that "Daymond is done investing with cool people, now he just invests with people that he thinks will make him money." He went on to tell me that I was part of the family from now on.

So much for trying to be cool, I am a nerdy guy with a lot of eccentricities and have no delusions. It was funny to hear it though. Ever since that moment, true to Jeremy's word, I have been a part of the Daymond John Family.

I can't imagine a better partner for Mission Belt Co. Daymond is the real deal.