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Everyone Needs a Silent Hero

Navigating through many forums, in particular about divorce, you'll find that the recurring theme is "I have no one to talk to."
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Navigating through many forums, in particular about divorce, you'll find that the recurring theme is "I have no one to talk to." That is sad and somewhat not surprising. We are surrounded by family, colleagues and people in general but the hard fact is that most people are not really listening. The likes, smileys, hearts and all those exciting little faces with which people express their emotions are just that... emoticons of emotions never really expressed in words.

The journey to heal back from a broken relationship, the loss of a loved one or just the deep feeling of loneliness that we all experience at one time or another in our life, is indeed an arduous one.

In this apparent loudness that surrounds us there is utter silence and loneliness for some. A crowded solitude where most feel trapped in hopelessness, with no one to talk to and the feeling of their inner spirit being crushed.

In what appears to be a lonely road, that's where hope lies. The hope that is hidden in The Silent Hero.

Most of us, me included, tend to look at the world outside for solutions. We frantically google our ailments hoping to find an answer to a slight pain somewhere in our body. We dive into psychology blogs and sites to find solutions to a slight change of humor or a word uttered in a nonchalant manner.

Develop a Super Hero Mindset!

When the world outside is screaming and claiming for our attention, yet deaf to anyone who cries for help, that is when we should turn inward and claim our Silent Hero.

I have learned that the greatest learning experience has been my journey to connect with my inner spirit, which I call my Silent Hero. In the deepest of solitude I have always been able to count on my hero, myself, to recover a sense of self protection and strength. My inner hero has allowed me to regain a sense of hope for new possibilities. It is by reconnecting with this identity that we can all rediscover our inner powers. Even when everyone and everything is pointing elsewhere, wanting us to look for the heroes outside, we need to keep following our inner voice to fuel the recovery of our strength and self protection and awaken the silent giant within us.

Embrace Pain

Pain no longer feels pain if we embrace it and learn from it, on the contrary it can be a great teacher. If you have ever wanted to close your eyes and wish that the pain and hurt would go away then it's time you start recovering a sense of strength and self protection. Keep going and have faith.

Recovering your identity and integrity.

I urge you to redirect your disorganized anger towards yourself for, once again, not standing up to the truth. Marriage is not about marrying someone and thinking:"He is supposed to provide for me, protect me and care for me". The 'damsel in distress' theory is no longer a fairytale that we should hold on to, because it is soon becoming a problematic income trap for many women. Recovering your identity and integrity is about giving yourself respect and rebuilding your own physical confidence and ability to fill the void and holes in your life and start again.

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