Everything Is in Divine Order

Beauty from the Heavens.
Beauty from the Heavens.

I believe in the power of Love. I believe in miracles. I believe that everything is truly in divine order. The universe has a system that works. The sun and moon know exactly what to do. The ocean waves are constant, and the flow of nature works. The human evolution is a beautiful and profound system as well; yet, as humans our lives are full of chaos.


I have been observing all of this for quite some time. While I do not have the answers, I do have a strong opinion. Our minds are bias and full of fear. It is our minds that create the chaos. Our biggest problem is our disconnection from the heart. It is our heart that connects us to the flow of nature. It is our love that keeps us contained and safely aligned with the divine order of the universe. It is in the alignment of physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual that we can truly surrender from the negative thoughts in the mind, and enter the space of faith.

While there are SO many tools available now for helping us, I think the very best gifts we have are in nature. Nature is free. Nature is available to everyone. Nature is here... right now. Rain, sunshine, wind, snow, trees, oceans, flowers, animals and butterflies are a few of the treasures that can remind us of the true existence of God. Yet, do you ever lie on the grass and look up into the heavens? Do you know how many angels there are smiling down upon you? Trillions. How do I know? I have seen them, felt them, loved them and touched them. I have lost people very close to me who have crossed into those heavens, and one thing I know for certain is that I have actually gained in those moments of loss. While my mind and body have hurt so much in longing for their touch again, my heart and soul have experienced heaven on earth.

Honoring the Light within and trusting the divine flow of God's plan. Life is truly in divine order. Please take a walk with me today... may we experience the grace of heaven on earth as we ask our minds to soften in silence... just for a moment.

God Bless you.