'Everything Must Go' Trailer: Will Ferrell Goes Dramatic (VIDEO)

Will Ferrell Sells All His Possessions

Will Ferrell's life career has taken a dramatic turn.

The comedy icon stars in "Everything Must Go," the indie dramedy based on a Raymond Carver short story titled "Why Don't You Dance." Ferrell plays relapsed alcoholic Nick Halsey, a down on his luck guy who loses his job and his marriage on the same day. When his estranged wife throws all of his possessions on the lawn, he first sets up camp with his stuff, and then, when the law gets involved, is forced to sell it all.

In the process, of course, he learns something about himself and life, with the help of a young sidekick and new woman, played by Rebecca Hall.

The film is a transition for Ferrell from his usual goofy comedies; in 2006, he starred in the dramedy "Stranger Than Fiction," which earned him strong reviews for his acting chops.

Ferrell committed to the role in late 2009; production began in mid-2010, and the film will finally hit theaters on May 13th.


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