Everything You Do Counts

In a life that may have more than its share of confusion and unmanageability, and a world that matches this description, there is sometimes the tendency to search for, and crave, a feeling of relevance. The perception that only an astounding feat, such as a Pulitzer Prize winner, an Academy Award-winning production, or some Nobel Prize-awarded discovery, entitles one to feel the satisfaction of contribution to this, our universe.

While any or all of the foregoing are not to be trivialized, the unnecessary burdens we self-impose, or demanding measuring sticks, quite frequently result in a reluctance to even try to accomplish.

No matter how simple seems the utterance of a kind word, the least bit of encouragement, a smile, a courtesy, a gesture, or other form of magnanimity, its attempted positive effect scores points in the universal accounting system. It can have farther reaching consequences than you will ever know. The goodwill that it creates is contagious, and will possibly serve to stimulate a like act on the part of the recipient of your effort. Your timing may be just what the doctor ordered, to transform a state of mind, or emotional climate, which can lead to yet another step in the advancement of the beneficiary and those THEY meet, and to whom THEY tender the same.

A charitable donation, or even a small offering if made in the right spirit, will set off a similar chain reaction. Allowing someone to turn ahead of you or go forward in line, And you may find that in the days to come, you will be the beneficiary of someone else's kindness in your direction. A welcoming to a stranger, or a newcomer at work, can create a benefit. If this is done habitually in a company or enterprise, the better chance the entire entity will prosper, and that will include anyone who falls within its sphere. Morale boosts are sorely needed nowadays to temper the feelings of helplessness that may befall us.

So next time, there is a chance to assist, or to just be the nice, kind person, you may not even realize you are, seize the moment, no matter how trivial it may seem.

Regardless of when, how, or why, the more this is done, the better is our collective quality of life.

Because someone is watching. And EVERYTHING you do with good intention... COUNTS!