Everything You Need For The Ultimate Summer Picnic

No plastic utensils required.

Summer is here, which means loading wine, cheese, olives, tasty sandwiches and any other delicious food and beverages into baskets and coolers and heading to the park for a picnic.

But in order to do a summer picnic well, you need some important essentials. From the perfect basket to utensils that won’t destroy the environment, here are 11 of them, all available at Walmart.

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A practical picnic blanket
This picnic blanket is literally called a “practical picnic blanket,” so you know it’s going to get the job done. It’s durable and made with acrylic material is light, foldable, and portable — and the rainbow design is fun, too.
A pop-up mesh screen
If you don’t want to invite bugs to your picnic, this eight-piece large pop-up mesh screen is the perfect addition to your outdoor festivities. Cover all your food with these little screens while people aren’t eating and you’ll be a lot happier for it.
Some really good sealable containers
Skip the plastic bags and go with something more reusable with this 10-piece storage bowl set. These different-sized bowls come with secure lids, meaning you won’t have to worry about cheese, chocolate and grapes escaping.
A portable insulation bag
This insulated cooler bag is a lot less heavy than a traditional plastic cooler, and it will keep everything nice and cool. Made with long, padded handles, nylon, mesh and an additionally cooler bag, you’ll never have to worry about your food and beverages getting too warm on your way to your picnic.
A reusable travel utensil set
Sure, you could bring plastic utensils to a picnic, but why do that when you can bring an eco-friendly, reusable set? Made of wheat straw, this nontoxic knife, spoon and fork set will give you everything you need for the perfect picnic — and you can use it over and over again.
Silicone wine glasses
These silicone wine glasses actually take up less space than plastic wine glasses since they’re foldable, and they’re a lot better for the planet, too. They’re also reusable, easy to clean and unbreakable — all great qualities that might make you want to use them at home, too.
A beach bag that doubles as a picnic bag
No, this beach-bag-slash-picnic-bag isn’t nearly as chic as a wicker picnic basket. But it is lighter and arguably more functional, thanks to a detachable insulation cooler and durable zipper closure.
A 4-person picnic basket
If you ask us, this is the ultimate picnic basket: It’s made of strong, natural wicker (eco-friendly!) and comes with plates, utensils, wine glasses and more — plus places to store them so they won’t break or get crushed in transit. As a nice bonus, it’s quite pretty and will impress all your picnic guests.

Get the Picnic Basket for 4 from Walmart, $39.99
A drink dispenser
Is it a lot to lug? Sure, but if you want to have a really great picnic and stay a while, this drink dispenser, which comes with an ice bucket, chalkboards and a chalk pencil, will be perfect for everything from water to lemonade and margaritas. (And it's especially not a huge deal if you're driving a car to your picnic.)

Get the Pioneer Woman Simple Homemade Goodness Drink Dispenser Set from Walmart, $27.88
A tablecloth
If you’re heading to a park with picnic tables, ensure maximum festiveness (and cleanliness) with this red checkered vinyl pink tablecloth. This tablecloth measures 54” x 72” and wipes clean easily.
Paper straws
Are we all fans of paper straws? Not exactly, but they’re a lot better for the environment — and these ones are extra festive, if you ask us. Available in gold, rose gold, and silver, these 25-packs of fun paper straws will be the perfect addition to your picnic.

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