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Everything You Need for Amazing Bachelorette Party Survival Kits

If you are throwing a bash this summer, the pressure is on to add some distinctive flair to the big night out!
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Bachelorette parties are no longer just about the pink sashes, sparkly tiaras, and phallic shaped straws. Women are getting more and more creative when it comes to planning unique events for their friends. That means if you are throwing a bash this summer, the pressure is on to add some distinctive flair to the big night out!

Don't worry; there is no reason that this needs to be a stressful task. While these celebratory weekends now feature unique activities and themes, there is still plenty of alcohol consumption taking place. Every attendee is sure to appreciate receiving a bachelorette party survival kit as a thank you gift, and you can easily put your own personal touch on this popular trend. Here's everything you need to pull off memorable favors that your party guests will actually use.

Photo and Survival Kit via Harmony Creative Studio

All Gals Love Pretty Packaging

Who doesn't enjoy opening a beautifully wrapped present? If you have a knack for arts n' crafts, then this is the perfect opportunity to show off your DIY skills. You can even personalize the packaging to include each guest's name or monogram, or coordinate the kits to match your bachelorette party theme.

Photo and Survival Kit via The Favor Box on Etsy

If you don't have an artistic bone in your body, there's no need to freak out. Thanks to Etsy there are tons of adorable options out there that you can buy online. From brightly colored neon boxes to cute nautical themed kits, there are plenty to choose from.

Fill Them With Adorable Favors
It's always fun to have your whole bachelorette crew stick out when celebrating the bride-to-be. Fill up your hangover kits with cute bracelets and brightly colored pins so that everyone has fun accessories to wear out to the bars. Bachelorette-themed tins and muslin bags are perfect for holding breath mints or anything small that you might want to throw in your purse for the night.

Photo and Party Favors via Kaspi Party

Treat Your Guests to Some Hangover Essentials
It's not a bachelorette party survival kit without some helpful hangover remedies! Supplements loaded with vitamin blends and antioxidants can help keep those nasty headaches at bay. You also can't go wrong by including mini bottles of water or Gatorade to keep everyone hydrated and feeling great throughout the weekend!

Photo via Never Too Hungover

Photo via Kaspi Party

Help Your Girls Make it to Brunch the Next Day
Brunch is always the best way to end a rowdy bachelorette party weekend. Who doesn't want to recap the festivities over a stack of pancakes or some hearty omelettes? Make sure your survival kits include enough goodies to ensure that your whole group feels up for it though. Makeup remover wipes, hair ties, and lip-gloss can go a long way!