Everything You Need to Know About the Washington Post in Two Sentences -- Plus a Little Extra

death star 3.jpg

Thanks to Marty Kaplan's piece on the Post's profile of liberal blogger Maryscott O'Connor, we can now encapsulate everything you need to know about that paper in two simple, declarative statements:

1. When the Post encounters a liberal blogger, it then (without having discussed her writing talent, the cogency of her arguments, or her ability to draw an audience) proceeds to mock and patronize her.

2. When the Post encounters a right-wing blogger, it then (without having addressed his insider connections to the Republican Party, offensive insults like calling Coretta Scott King a "Communist," or -- as it turns out -- his serial plagiarism) proceeds to hire him.

There's more that could be said, but that basically covers it.


The photo above is of the new mega-Embassy the Bush Administration is building in Iraq. They insist that its massive size does not indicate the desire to maintain a permanent military or imperial presence in that nation.

The Embassy will be ready for use as soon as it is brought to Baghdad from its current position in orbit around the planet Tattooine.


UPDATE: Those who have been following the little dust-up over my Joe Klein and so-called 'ass-kicking' posts may want to read my upcoming academic paper, "Jabbing With the Left: A Dialectic of the Uppercut," to be published in the upcoming philosophical compendium, A Festschrift for Angelo Dundee.

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