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Everything You Need To Know About Migraines (In Under 4 Minutes!)

A viral video on migraine knows your pain.

SciShow's primer on the condition delivers a brisk lesson on the biology behind migraine and how to treat it.

From symptoms to hereditary factors to potential root causes, "Migraines: Not Just Another Headache" will get it in your head just how debilitating the disorder can be. In fact, the video points out, sufferers are sometimes tested for stroke because the manifestations can be similar.

Will the information help you? Depends on how much you already know. The nearly four-minute lesson goes by quickly, but be warned that the narrator's chirpy chattiness might grate a little. (Just what you need when you have a migraine, right?)

If the video's lesson is new to you, let it serve as a reminder not to tell a sufferer, "I get headaches, too."

Former Huffington Post columnist Lisa Belkin once described the pain as "Like you are trying to give birth through your forehead."

Like the title says, migraine is not just another headache.