Everything You Want To Know About Anal Sex (But Are Too Afraid To Ask)

Because the more you know...

Anal sex is not a new thing.

As long as people have roamed this fair planet, we've been putting body parts and other assorted items in each other's rectums.

What is new is what appears to be an uptick in those of us who are willing to talk about anal sex -- and enjoying it -- especially those who don't identify as gay men. Thanks in part to more recent visibility in the media -- from "Broad City" to "The Kingsmen" -- and arguably to queer liberation, more and more people are having anal sex or are at least starting to think about having it.

But if you've never tried it before, the thought of giving it a go can be daunting. With worries about pain to stressing about a potential mess, anal sex virgins have lots of questions. Luckily, HuffPost Love+Sex Podcast co-hosts Carina Kolodny and Noah Michelson, along with special guests Dr. Zhana Vrangalova, a sex expert and professor at New York University, and Claire Cavanah, co-owner of the beloved sex toy shop Babeland, have dedicated their latest episode to all things anal.

From a discussion with a woman who recently experienced an anal orgasm (but can't seem to have another one) to the ins and outs of trying anal sex for the first time to the mechanics of "pegging," find out what you need to know before someone starts knocking on your backdoor (or before you start knocking on someone else's backdoor).

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