Eviction Notice: The Inner-Abuser Must Go

"Why the hell would she put up with that?" or "Oh, I would never let someone speak to me that way."

I can guarentee that you've made these statements at some point in your lifetime. Can you remember when?

A thought came to mind as I was reflecting on one beautiful woman I know who has stayed in a horrible situation for way too long. It's the kind of relationship that's hard to watch, frustrating even.

We can't understand WHY. How could someone possibly put up with such behavior?! It's complex, but here's the simple answer: Broken down by abuse. Physical/emotional/verbal

If only this person would remember their power and what they are capable of they'd be shining brightly.

As I thought of my friend, I considered the way we abuse ourselves.

How many of us are stuck in a cycle that makes us miserable due to our inner-abuser?

You know, the voice in your head that shuts you down before you even try. Reminds you why you won't get the new job, why you don't deserve the raise, you won't find love and why you don't have talent. You can't get an agent or a book deal, you can't, you won't. Telling you that you ain't sh*t. Blah, blah, blah...the bully living within.

Sound familiar?

It's the very reason so many people in America are hooked on drugs, alcohol and anti-depressants.

I've had people I love tell me I'm not sh*t for most of my life. Whenever I said something they didn't like or things didn't go their way. Eventually, I abandoned them. I also learned that their voices fed by inner-abuser.

Just as some people have abusers in their family or in their home, each of us has an abusers in our mind. Sometimes it's ultra active, leading to anxiety and depression. This brain bully drives some to addiction in attempts to shut it up. It hurts listening to someone put you down all day. Reminding you of why you're stuck. In the absolute worst case it will lead to suicide.

If you feel this way, or have ever felt this way, it's time to look in the mirror and see who and what you really are. It's time to drop the stories of can't and write the list of I AM. I'm here to tell you it's EVICTION time. Get rid of your excuses, your doubt, your blame and take full responsibility for creating the life you want right now.

I know what it's like to believe the stories your mind continuously feeds you. However, I will not support you living there. Stop the madness. Do not continue to recreate the same reality week after week by obeying that nasty voice that berates you.

There comes a time where you choose YOU.

You are not that voice that says you can't. You are the insight that birthed the idea in the first place.

You are the unbreakable strength and inspiration dwelling within. Your source of power is already turned on full blast. You must choose to explore this part of you.

You must do the work to amplify the strength and recondition that voice. Magnify the love. Acknowledge your accomplishments. Love your body for bringing you this far.

Stop talking to yourself in ways that you'd find unacceptable coming from a stranger. What if a stranger walked up and said, "you look too fat today", or "you will never make that much money."

How would you respond?

The process of reconditioning my mental chatter has been a priceless lesson. But guess what? Years of silent meditation retreats and hundreds of books have not completely destroyed this negative talk, it's still there, but she's in check. She's now speaking in her library voice. I now watch my mind suggestion that I can't do something. I consciously observe the resistance to new projects and I smile. (NOT LISTENING!)

My intuition guides me, I tune into my trusted compass. I will abandon the abuser, within or out. I have zero tolerance for anything that dulls my passion or leads me to question my brillance. We are all brilliant. We are miraculous beings. (Think about our minds and bodies... MIRACULOUS!)

I challenge you to take a stand again your abusers. The one in your mind and the ones around you. People who treat you like sh*t, attempt to control your beautiful, free spirit and anyone else who makes you feel like you're weak or incompetent. I don't care if they are family or life long friends...choose YOU, always!

You're here to contribute to something magical. You're ready. Step up and show us what you've got.

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