Evil And Good

In the days following the September 11th attack on Manhattan, we made our way through the haze to our offices on West 36th Street and began working on a broadcast for public radio.

The great journalist and commentator Robert Krulwich visited our office to work on an essay. While he was there, he told the following story:

When the initial airliner hit the first World Trade Center tower, his young son had been in school in downtown Manhattan. The teacher, thinking the students might like to witness history, made the bad decision to let the children line up along a window to watch the fires burning from the first tower. Suddenly another jetliner hit the second tower and soon, with the children watching, both towers collapsed.

Robert said his son understandably was very upset by what he had seen and asked his father what it all meant.

Robert said he told his son the following: Since the beginning of time, there has always been a battle between good and evil. And today, evil won. But it’s important to remember that, in the end, good always wins.