Evil Genius Mom Came Up With The Perfect Rules To Keep Heating Bills Down


This mom really turned up the sass in her epic note. 

Autumn Brandon, a mother of three who lives in Clarkston, Michigan, shared a photo on Facebook of a note she attached to the thermostat in her home. The message detailed some qualifications needed to turn on the heat

The note reads: 

Unless you answer YES to all of these ... DO NOT TURN ON HEAT!!! 

Are you wearing a hoodie, pants, socks? 

Is it November? 

Do you pay the gas bill? 

Touché, mom. Touché. 

The hilarious message went viral, as parents everywhere began wishing they’d come up with such a simple idea. 

Brandon told Indiana-based news channel Fox59 that she wasn’t joking around when she posted the warning on her family’s thermostat and never expected the photo to go viral. But once it did, her kids had some choice words for their silly, schemin’ mom. 

“It’s funny because when my sons found out the post went viral, they just said, ‘Mom, that’s just 33,000 people that now know how much you nag us,’” she told the outlet. 

Welp, good luck, kids. And bundle up!