This 7-Year-Old Girl Could Definitely Beat Us All Up

She floats like a butterfly, but stings like a wasp.

Since she was just 3 years old, Evnika Saadvakass of Kazakhstan has been boxing with her dad, Rustam. Now 7 years old, it's fair to say she could beat us all up.

In a video uploaded by the family last Friday, Evnika can be seen throwing lightning-fast punches, all while dipping and dodging her father's hands. Her family's YouTube channel says:

The first thing that strikes the eye is her improved footwork. Evnika is very confident in the stand up and her striking looks much harder than it used to be. She looks much more concentrated now and it’s clear that boxing for her is not something to please her dad but something she really loves.

Two years ago, Evnika made headlines for throwing nearly 100 punches in less than two minutes:

We're winded just watching her.