Ewan McGregor Cancels Piers Morgan Interview After Host's Women's March Comments

Safe to say they don't see eye-to-eye.

Just days after people around the world marched for women’s rights and in protest of President Donald Trump, Ewan McGregor joined in with a new act of solidarity — refusing to be interviewed by Piers Morgan.

The “T2 Trainspotting” actor wrote on Twitter that he decided to skip an interview with morning program “Good Morning Britain,” of which Morgan is a co-host, once he learned the outspoken TV personality would be there. McGregor, who tweeted his support of the Women’s March on Saturday, cited Morgan’s comments about the peaceful protest as the reason.

Morgan had written a takedown of the event centered around Madonna’s comment that she “thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House” — a controversial statement that led Newt Gingrich to call for her arrest. The singer later clarified her speech was “taken wildly out of context.”

In his response, Morgan called Madonna a “bitter, cynical Vinegar Girl” and criticized her wording before assuring readers that he was indeed a feminist.

I support all women’s rights and have proven this point many times as an employer and promoter of women in the workplace.

But I can’t abide the feminazis, the radical, extreme feminists like Madonna.

Nor can I abide the likes of Kim Kardashian and Emily Ratajkowski when they hijack feminism to justify posting stupid, offensive bird-flipping topless selfies.

He goes on to write that feminism is “about striving to be so good at what you do that your gender is irrelevant, then making sure you are rewarded in the same way as a man.” Hundreds of years of gender inequality can just be attributed to the fact that women simply aren’t as good at what they do. 

Some on Twitter criticized McGregor for bailing because he disagreed with Morgan’s ideals, therefore ending any chance for productive debate. However, Morgan’s response thus far — tweeting out “Vainspotting,” implying that McGregor isn’t a “real man” and saying the actor had a “thespian tantrum” — does little to indicate that any debate would go beyond name-calling.

For his part, Morgan wrote that he hadn’t planned to bring up the Women’s March with McGregor.



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