Ex-Addict Welcomes Ex-Addict to NY Senate Race: Credico and Kudlow vs. Schumer?

Progressive activist and profession comedian Randy Credico who has announced plans to challenge Chuck Schumer for the U.S. Senate in the New York Democratic Primary today welcomed former Reagan Advisor and NBC economic talking head Larry Kudlow to the Senate race. Tea Party and Conservative activists are urging Kudlow to seek the Republican and Conservative Party nomination to run against Schumer.

"Kudlow and I both had a problem and we both licked it," said Credico. A film regarding Credico's recovery from addiction, 60 Spins Around the Sun, won several awards. "I give Larry credit for beating it and staying strong," said Credico. "Chuck Schumer's addictions are current."

"Schumer is addicted to the perks of Washington, the plush offices, the limousines, the power of Washington," said Credico, who is also considering the New York Libertarian Party nomination. "Schumer is a whore for the banking, insurance, credit card and HMO industries. He is a fish-faced enemy of the people," said Credico, long time anti-Rockefeller Drug Law activist.

Recently Wayne Barrett of the Village Voice pointed out that Schumer is the only incumbent known to be facing two reformed cokeheads in the same year. He went on to say that Schumer is a water boy for Wall Street, while Kudlow wants to carry wine for them. Kudlow, a former budget director for Reagan and a economic guru to pill-popping drug addict Rush Limbaugh, acknowledged in a 1994 New York Times confession that he took medical leave as chief economist for Bear Stearns to go into drug rehab after he was hooked on blow.

Although an underdog in the race, Credico has powerful media friends like Barrett and NY Post radio personality Fred Dicker, who will make sure Randy has a voice in the race for Chuck Schumer's senate seat. Roger Stone, legendary political consultant and lobbyist, was on Dicker's show today and talked extensively about Credico's impact on the senate race.

Credico recently launched a new website, www.randycredico2010.org. "Larry Kudlow is an articulate guy," said the comic impersonator. "I love to have a debate with him - but we'll both have club soda."