Ex-BoDeans Front-man Sam LLanas to Headline 2nd Annual Harvest and Harmony Fest: Chicagoland festival highlights its thriving art scene


Sam Llanas and Sean Williamson (photo by Sherry Rayn Barnett)

Though widely considered the county seat of Chicago-area affluence, Highland Park's Ravinia District has drawn musicians, painters and bohemian art enthusiasts from all points on the globe for time immemorial. Even Smashing Pumpkins' Billy Corgan decided to set up shop there with his popular 1930s Chinese-style tea house, Madame Zuzu's Tea House - just walking distance from a unique array of boutiques, quaint restaurants and food specialty shops, and convenience retailers.

On September 23rd and 24th that charming neighborhood will once again rock and twang with two days of food, fun and free music at the 2nd Annual Harvest and Harmony Fest.

The rain or shine event that will take place along Dean Avenue, between St. Johns and Roger Williams Avenues, and in Jens Jensen Park.


Sam LLanas, formerly of the BoDeans, will headline the festival. Best known for his unique and distinctly soulful voice, once heard on on Robbie Robertson's "Somewhere Down the Crazy River," LLanas left The BoDeans in 2011 but continues to perform and release solid music.

Also featured at this year's Harvest and Harmony Festival are acclaimed Chicago singer-songwriter, Michael McDermott, Louie Zagoras of ROLLOVER, Ravinia Ramblers, The Remars, and much more. Popular Chicago radio personality Greg Easterling of the 97.1 The Drive will emcee, introducing the roster of stellar performers.

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