Andrew Linn, Ex-Marine, Survives Face Impalement (VIDEO)

Needless to say, Andrew Linn really cheated death this time.

As if surviving roadside bombs and improvised explosives in Iraq wasn't enough, the war vet found himself facing an even grimmer situation in November. A car crash that resulted in this stunning facial impalement, according to KZTV10.

"You can see on my nose it came in here, went through and came out the back here," Linn told NBC. "The hardest thing has been opening the mouth and learning how to eat and swallow. Drinking is really difficult."

Linn is lucky to be alive. His doctor, Jay Coates, told the Today show that Linn's survival was a miracle.

The accident happened when the 28-year-old father veered off the road, crashing into a chain-link fence.

Amazingly the veteran had survived being hit by a drunk driver in 2008, shortly after returning from Iraq, according to MSNBC. This time, he narrowly avoided death, as the pole would have killed him had it been located just centimeters in any direction.


Not only did the pipe somehow miss Linn’s spine, jugular vein and carotid artery; he also remained awake afterward, although he does not remember anything from the horrific crash and its aftermath. Firefighters had to cut part of the pipe off just to get him out of the car, and he was conscious and communicating as they placed him, sitting up, on a gurney. He could not lie down because of the pipe, yet he even whipped out his cellphone and tried to send a text message.