Ex-RNC Spokesperson Names GOP Lawmaker He Calls 'The Worst'

They are "now literally indistinguishable from a MAGA troll," said Tim Miller.

Tim Miller, a former spokesperson for the Republican National Committee, minced no words in naming and shaming the Republican he’s worked with who is just “the worst.”

In an interview with Vox this week, Miller slammed Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-N.Y.).

“She flips on a dime,” he said, noting how in 2018 she went from being a moderate Republican to a Donald Trump loyalist.

She is “now literally indistinguishable from a MAGA troll,” Miller said of Stefanik, with whom he worked closely on the Republican analysis of Mitt Romney’s 2012 presidential election defeat to Barack Obama.

Miller, author of the new book “Why We Did It,” quit the GOP following Trump’s nomination in 2016 and has become a fierce critic of the party.

Stefanik, he said, is “the worst” because “it’s just the most brazen.”

“It also is the worst at some level because it’s paying off for her,” he continued, saying he “truly” thinks she could be a potential running mate for Trump should the former president run again in 2024.

“And if not that, I think she’s on a speaker of the House trajectory,” Miller added.

Check out Miller’s full interview with Vox here.

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