EXCEL ART: 17 Awesome Drawings Made With Microsoft Excel (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

To most of us, Microsoft Excel spreadsheets looks like an endless field of rows and columns. But artist Danielle Aubert sees more than empty cells waiting for data input and equations.

Aubert uses Excel as a drawing tool, 'changing cell preferences for background color, fill pattern, and border styles and from time to time inserting "comment" boxes and letters or words,' the artist explains.

Aubert created three series of Excel Drawings. Every day or so she would create a new worksheet. The 16-day series she published as a book; the 58-day series she set up as a multi-page spreadsheet and rendered it for the Web; and the 4.5-month series she made into a time-lapse video. All three can be viewed on her website,

Check out her Excel Art in the slideshow below.

Excel Art