Exclusive: Breakout UK Series 'Spy' Comes To Hulu (WATCH)

After the British series "Misfits" made such a splash after Hulu exclusively aired Series 1 and 2 of the hit UK show on their site, it looks like video streaming site is at it again. This time with another breakout UK action comedy series -- "Spy." So fans of good TV take note! You'll definitely want to catch this comedy before some American network buys it and tries to put its own (and probably terrible) spin on it. (Ahem, Josh Schwartz)

"Spy" follows failed computer programmer and single dad Tim (Darren Boyd) as he accidentally stumbles his way into working for the MI5. He's a classic lovable loser -- and dare we say, adorkable?! -- who you'll definitely want to root for as he inadvertently saves the day with his bumbling heroics. It's funny, smart and is everything we love about British television (aka not a huge time commitment!).

Tim has to deal with everyday problems of being a single dad while learning not-so-everyday lessons from his boss, The Examiner (Robert Lindsay). It's definitely a lot harder than it sounds.

So go forth and watch, and don't forget to tell us what you think!

"Spy" premieres Friday, Oct. 27 on Hulu. Catch an exclusive sneak peek of the premiere episode below.